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Chicken Saag: Indian Attempt

I’ve made Indian food before I have NEVER made Indian food from scratch. I had a huge craving and I didn’t feel like spending $40 on take out. I googled “Chicken Saag” and found this wonderful recipe.

As luck would have it, I actually had most of these ingredients. What!? That’s why I was always hesitant to make Indian food because it often requires 80000 spices. I went to Bulk Barn (the best place on earth) to pick up some cardamon pods, garam masala and basmati rice.

I doubled the spices in the recipe, added a bit of chicken broth (because I like a saucy saag) and added a bit of greek yogurt at the end for additional creaminess. Also, the amount of spinach they say to use was a bit confusing. I used half a large container of pre-washed baby spinach and that was enough. I recommend using a very large pan because mine was on the verge of overflowing.

Basmati rice is one of my favourites. It always cooks perfectly and doesn’t take an hour. 10-15 minutes will do it! Next time I’ll add some cardamom pods to my rice while it’s cooking for additional flavours. I was so pleased with the results. It tasted like something I would order at an indian restaurant but I felt good knowing what went into it. It’s one of the healthier Indian dishes because there’s no cream.

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