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Chicken Parm

Matt and I have been talking about chicken parmesan for weeks now. We wanted to go to a place in Etobicoke where he says it’s the best damn parm he’s ever tasted. I love a challenge so I decided to make my own version. Chicken parm is actually quite easy, it just takes a bit of prep. I used this recipe as inspiration.

I ended up using less panko and far less oil. I used a President’s Choice marinara sauce (that was actually so good!) and added some dried basil and italian herb blend to it. I also just stuck to mozzeralla and parmesan because those were the cheeses that I had.

Once your chicken is in the oven and almost done, cook up a pasta of your choice. I opted for a gluten free pasta that I bought on sale, because why not switch it up? When the chicken is done, spoon a piece onto the pasta. Serve with an extra side of warm sauce in case you want more. (and I did want more. I love a saucy pasta!) I also accompanied it with a simple arugla salad with lemon and olive oil to cut the richness of the dish.

OH. MY. GAWD. It was so good. It was perfect. I want to eat it right now even though it’s not even 10am. Matt said it tasted the same as the delicious etobicoke chicken, but less breaded. (I’m assuming they bread and fry their chicken in a lot of oil.) The gluten free pasta was a hit too! This President’s choice gluten free spaghetti has a really nice texture and flavor. Make this dish at the beginning of the week and you’ll have enough leftovers for 1 or 2 more meals.

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