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Chicken Chili when it’s Chilly

Hello my fellow food friends,

This blog is being birthed on a very shaky train from Ottawa to Toronto. It’s a packed house comprising of mostly old people and kids. It smells like an old man stew. A handful of elderly musk, a pinch a dirty kids and a dash of stale train air. Each passenger seems to have packed their very own potent salami sandwich, so needless to say, I am thrilled to be riding the B.O express.

Unfortunately this was another sparse cooking week for me as I was out of town Thursday-Tuesday. I spent my time in Ottawa performing with my lover/comedian Matt O’Brien. We did the Valentine’s shows at Yuks Yuks Ottawa and almost every show was sold out. When I come to Ottawa it usually means that my parents spoil me with gourmet meals at breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Before I left to Ottawa I had a few days to fend for myself and I made an AMAZING white bean chicken chili. I planned on making turkey burgers but realized I bought ground chicken instead of ground turkey. Ground chicken has a milder flavour and I don’t like it as much in burger form. I took to the internet and typed in “chicken chili” and found an excellent recipe from Food Networks Giada De laurentiis.
With her tiny body, giant head and 1000 watt smile, this culinary beauty sure knows how to deliver the goods. I followed the recipe as directed but amped up the spice content. More cumin, chili powder and fennel seeds made this dish pop. Now, I do love traditional chili BUT this was almost (almost!) even better. The sweet corn and bold fennel seeds took this to another level. A few shakes of red pepper flakes and a spoonful of parmesan, served with a slice of toasty sourdough bread made this bowl of love the perfect winter meal.


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