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Just For Laughs (and food)


Ok, I know this is a food blog where I talk about recipes and whatnot, but this time we’re doing something a bit different. I’m reviewing food! I just got back from 5 magical days at Just For Laughs in Montreal. It’s the most wonderful time of the year! JFL gags are happening on the streets, there are parties every night, celebs within poking distance and food vendors as far as the eye can see! This was my first time performing at Just For Laughs and I CANNOT WAIT to be back. I’m so happy with my set at the Homegrown competition that I almost ate myself into oblivion. Seriously. I don’t think I’ve ever eaten so much in the span of 5 days. Lucky for you I didn’t take pictures of all of it or this blog would be as long as Cyrus the Great! (I googled “Longest novels ever written” and this one clocked in at 13, 095 pages. YEESH.)

Matt and I arrived by train on Wednesday and after consuming McDonald’s for breakfast and nothing but red wine as a snack, we were famished! Our first stop was St. Hubert. I have a soft spot in my heart for St. Hubert because I would often go there with my grammie. My parents also like to remind me of a time when I was a small child that I allegedly marched up to a server and demanded more coleslaw. Seems like something I might do. There’s a real swanky St. Hubert on Rue St. Catherine that splays saucy music videos and looks like a french bistro. I ordered the quarter chicken white meat with julienned vegetables. (This would be the last vegetable I eat all week.) It was lovely. I was eating a nice slice of my childhood.

That night there was a party at the Hyatt hosted by Netflix. NETFLIX! My favourite of all the flix! It was open bar (uh oh!) and open MEAT BAR. That’s right. They hired the dudes from Schwartz’s to sling smoked meat at the drunk comedians. It was beautiful. If you’re in Montreal, you need to eat there! See, I could have my own show. YOU NEED TO EAT HERE! What you ya think of that Catucci!? (jk, Catooch, you’re the best;)
The next morning we had a classic breakfast at Eggspectation (which is tradition when at Just For Laughs) and went to see the Dana Gould keynote. TALK ABOUT INSPIRATIONAL. This man is a genius and his talk reminded me to enjoy my career at every level. I seem to recall getting an amazing pulled pork sandwich at food truck for lunch. Later on that night was the Comedy Central (open bar) party but I managed to keep my drinking to a minimum-ish because I had my big show the next day. Around 2:30am it seemed like a good idea to get a healthy snack of poutine and steamies at La Belle Province. This would be our THIRD time eating there in 2 days. (See how I forgot to mention the first 2 times? I’M A MONSTER.) Belle Province is a great late-night drunken option but when you eat there sober you feel like you’ve made a lot of poor decisions and maybe you should call your estranged son.

Friday morning I woke up feeling like a nervous pile of garbage. I ate a banana and yogurt in the room and went to the hotel gym. I needed to attempt health. Matt and I ventured to Old Montreal and ate at this AMAZING lunch spot called “Olive et Gourmando”. One of the best sandwiches I have EVER had. I am tempted to go to Montreal right now and get some more. We split the Cubano panini and the Avocado chicken. They make their own bread and ever bite was heaven. Please go here. And bring me back a sandwich…

After lunch I went back to the hotel and tried to relax before my show. I arrived at L’Astral around 6:15 and by 6:45 the 400 seat(I think?) theatre was PACKED. SHOWTIME! I can honestly say that I was SO happy with my set. I have been working my entire career for a moment like this. #KellyClarkson

When it was all done I was STARVING and local Montreal comic/dirt bag Patrick “Hand Cream” Hakeem, took us to Boustan. Boustan is shawarma, falafel and all that jazz. We got chicken shawarma “well done”. They grill the pita extra long so it gets nice and crispy. Hands down the best shawarma I’ve had in years. Why can’t Toronto get it’s shit together when it comes to shawarma?
That night we went to the Funny or Die party and ate more smoked meat and foie gras poutine from the Au Pied Du Cochon food truck. YUM! I think we also got a slice of pizza around 4:30am…

Saturday we went to our favourite breakfast spot in Montreal, Beauty’s. This place has been around for YEARS and the old guy running it is still there seating people. He is kind and adorable and I want to take him home with me. Not in a creepy way.
I know that was a lot of info, but do yourself a favour and go to Montreal! OUI!

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