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Sustainable Fish!

Ok, now it’s time to get serious. You know how humans are destroying the earth and ruining our oceans? We’re a fun bunch of jerks, huh? You’re probably wondering what YOU can do to make this better. WELL, eating less meat would help (I know, I’m guilty of eating more meat than I should…) and eating sustainable fish would be a good start. Our oceans are suffering for multiple reasons, one of them being over fishing. I’ve been recently started looking into sustainable fish and programs like Ocean Wise or Sea Choice make it simple.

I’m no expert and still have a lot to learn, but I urge you to check out these websites so we can learn together! I ended up making a hike to a funky little fish market called “De La Mer” on Roncesvalles. A hour walk there AND back to be precise, but it was worth it. The people who work there have a wealth of knowledge and will answer any questions you have. I ended up buying a few pieces of Tilapia(from the US, NOT from Thailand), rainbow trout and red snapper. I chose these fishes because they were a reasonable price. Fish can be quite pricey, but I wanted to prove to myself and to you that we can eat sustainably without breaking the bank.

I made my fresh red snapper that night and served it with a medley of steamed and raw veg topped with lemon juice and feta. I dusted each side of the fish with parsley flakes, S&P and garlic power before lightly pan frying the filet in a bit of grapeseed oil. I forgot A) how much I love fresh fish and B) how delicious simple food can be. I didn’t really do anything to these ingredients other than arrange them on a plate together. It’s possible to have a satisfying dinner using mostly veg! After eating a meal like this I feel like Gwyneth Paltrow probably does after completing a 40 day juice cleanse–self righteous.

I feel like we learned a lot today. PLEASE look into sustainable fish. Get excited about the food that you’re putting in your body knowing that it’s not only good for YOU, but good for the environment.

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