Edmonton Eats

Hello faithful readers!

I’m embarrassed to say that I haven’t blogged in TWO WEEKS. Since I started this blog almost 2 years ago I’ve NEVER missed a post. Until now.

I’ll have you know that I’ve been very busy. I got married 2 weeks ago! Under the radar like  a sneaky bitch. My husband and I just officially announced it yesterday. We’re both over the moon and couldn’t be happier. Along with getting married, I was prepping for a month long West Coast tour. Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver, Kelowna, Victoria. It’s a honey moon for one! Haha, don’t worry we’re having a real honey moon later. But for now, a girls gotta work.


I’m currently in Calgary after completing the Edmonton leg of the tour. Seeing as I was living out of a hotel/on a couch I obviously wasn’t cooking my own meals so I thought I’d do a little “review” blog. I was performing at the Yuk Yuks in the Century Casino. There is nothing in that area. NOTHING. A Canadian Tire is the closest thing, but I can’t eat a hose or whatever they sell there. I stayed in the hotel all weekend like a hermit only leaving my room to go down to the Casino restaurant to order food. On Saturday I decided to get a large pizza at the restaurant so I could eat half for lunch and half for dinner. You have to use crafty money saving tips on the road or you’ll end up spending entire pay checks on booze and food.


I ordered the greek pizza (seemed like the healthiest pizza option) and I have to say I was VERY impressed. It tasted almost like deep dish! The crust was thick (which I usually don’t like) but it was a really nice chewy, doughy texture and the outside was crisp. It was topped with roasted red pepper, big chunks of feta, spinach, tomatoes, sauce and a ton of cheese. I  scarfed it down while watching Say Yes to the Dress and crying. I don’t know what it is about these wedding dress shows, but I always ball my eyes out. The salty tears really complimented that briny flavour of the feta 😉

I left the hotel on Sunday and crashed with a local comic, Simon. He took me to a great sandwich place for breakfast called “Farrow”. They have 4 sandwiches. One is always the same, (the grick middle) and the 3 others change daily. It’s a super small joint with great food and great coffee. I had the grick middle; fried egg, bacon, greens, rosemary mayo and tomato jam on a super soft sub bun. Mmmm. I ate it so quickly I didn’t even have a chance to take a pic. The jam is slightly sweet, the egg is runny, the bacon is salty and they pack a ton of peppery arugula in their to break up the richness. It almost feels healthy!


After the sandwich I promised myself I’d get something healthy for dinner. A salad with chicken. NOPE! Didn’t happen. A bunch of comics and I went to “The Next Act Pub” which has some pretty crazy sandwiches and burgers on the menu.

I was drawn to the PB & J burger. AM I CRAZY? I had literally been eating nothing but sandwiches and pizza for the the past 3 days and decided on a burger smothered in peanut butter? I’m a monster.


The burger was beautiful. A huge all beef patty (Alberta beef! Fuck yeah!) topped with crunchy peanut butter, bacon jam, cheddar cheese , lettuce, pickle, tomato. This shouldn’t be good, but it is. It’s so good. Elvis was onto something. It was a perfect combination of sweet and savoury and I shouldn’t have eaten the whole thing. It would have been wise to save half for later because it put me into a major food coma. Not good when I had to be on stage later that night! They also have a great beer selection and I probably shouldn’t have had 2 pints. Sometimes I confuse myself for a large mountain man who has been doing physical labour all day when in reality I’m a relatively thin woman who has been rolling around a hotel room for 3 days.

After a quick nap we headed to the show at Empress Ale House. Carina Morton runs a great comedy show there on Sundays. It was PACKED. I had the pleasure of headlining their amazing show while drinking more beer and whiskey. Did I mention I won a game of darts? It was a pretty great evening.


Well folks, that was my trip to Edmonton! I had a salad yesterday so I’m slowly starting to feel like a real human again instead of skin case stuffed with bread and meats. Stay tuned for next week to find out what I eat/make in Calgary. I have a kitchen this week!

Love, Julia



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