Culinary Calgary


I’m currently in Vancouver writing from an adorable little cafe in Gastown. It’s a beaauuuutiful day and as soon as I’ve done some writing and felt productive I might hit up a patio, solo! I’m an independent woman.

My week is Calgary was spectacular. As always, I’m blown away by the kindness of people in the comedy communities that I visit. Everyone is so helpful, accommodating and kind.

Like I said, last week I was able to do some groceries and make a lot of my food at the Calgary condo. It’s hard cooking without a full kitchen of spices, herbs, sauces and oils that one might normally have, but I made do. Spinach became my most versatile ingredient. I’d put it in salad, scrambled eggs, sandwiches and if I had a blender with me you know I’d be shoving it in smoothies! Here’s a fun new thing I learned about salad though; PUT A BLOB OF HUMMUS ON IT. I didn’t buy salad dressing and there wasn’t any olive oil but I did have a lemon and some hummus. Hummus on a spinach salad is incredible, I don’t know why I’ve never tried this before! Look at his beauty!


For whatever reason one of the only channels I got was the Food Network and “You Gotta Eat Here!” was ALWAYS on. What up Catooch! I met up with friends for dinner before the show last friday and decided on a YGEH pick called BEER REVOLUTION. They have tons of beer on tap that they list on screens. Kinda like when you’re at the airport looking to see if your flight has been delayed, but for beer! I had the 52nd street wheat peach ale and it was delicious. Super refreshing and not super cloudy like most wheat beers. The best part? There’s a goddamn peach slice at the bottom. It’s like booze soaked fruit in sangria, but even better. I want one right now…must…write…faster…

Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 1.59.35 PM

We also got 2 pizza’s to share. Obviously I didn’t take a pic because I blacked out for a moment by how excited I was. We got the southpaw and the wilbur. MMMmmmm. This pizza is great for sharing because they cut it into manageable rectangular pieces. And the southpaw had kale on it, so it’s technically a salad…


Saturday I had the pleasure of going to brunch with two local Calgary comedians Amy Bugg and Brittany Lyseng. We went to Over Easy Breakfast Co. and it was crazy.

First of all, the place is packed to the tits, ALWAYS. Amy has this fun app that puts you in line at restaurants so when she woke up at 9:30 she put us in line for a table at 10:45. Weird, eh? Good thing she did because when we got there it was nuts. An older couple walked in, asked for a table for 2 and were told it would be a 3 hour wait. THREE HOURS. They thought he was joking. THIS WAS NOT A JOKE. I felt bad for them but 2 minutes later when I sat down and looked at the menu, all I could think of was my stomach.


The menu is vast. They even have a lobster crepe that you can add caviar to! Since it was #NationalEggsBenedictDay I decided to get something with hollandaise sauce. They have these things called “BOX’D” which are takeout containers filled with goodness. I got the “A lott-a Lox” which was poached eggs, crisp potatoes, smoked salmon, capers, dill, cheese curds and brown butter hollandaise. I paired it with a spicy caesar and went to a magical food paradise. I highly recommend going to this place!



I’ve only been in Vancouver for one day/night and am staying with my pal Kathleen McGee before I head to Kelowna on Wednesday and then back to Vancouver to play Yuk Yuks Thursday-Saturday. I did a lovely show hosted by Graham Clark yesterday at Havana but before showtime, Kathleen and I ate dinner there ON A PATIO.

It’s my first official patio of the season! On St. Patty’s day I sat on a cold, dark, backyard patio so that doesn’t count. This one had SUN. We got a giant pitcher of Mojito to start, because we deserve good things. I decided on the crispy fish tacos and I was not disappointed. I’ve ordered fish tacos before that are small little wimpy things, but these were hearty and delicious. So many fresh ingredients packed in there that offset the richness of the lovely fish. Check out the pickled on top! Nice touch, Havana. Not to mention, great service, good company and a wonderful atmosphere.


That’s it for now friends! I’ll continue to eat my way through Vancouver and post all about it next week from some cute cafe in Victoria. Thanks for reading! And if you’re in Vancouver, come to a show! I’m at Yuk Yuks Thursday-Saturday šŸ™‚

I hope you had fun eating with me. Until next week!



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