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Falafel Plate with Mediterranean Salad

I weighed myself for the first time in almost a year. I’ve gained 10 pounds. Most of that is from my time in quarantine. I’m not eating fast food or takeout but I am drinking wine and eating sweets well into the evening. I’ve always had quite the appetite but it was balanced out by… Continue reading Falafel Plate with Mediterranean Salad

gluten free · vegetarian · veggies

Mediterranean Collard Green Wraps

Hello beautiful readers! It’s been 13 days without wheat, dairy, sugar, meat, or alcohol! (ok I had a major cheat meal on Saturday because I was celebrating my 1 year anniversary of moving to LA and I also had some dark chocolate covered walnuts but dark chocolate and nuts are good for you so STOP… Continue reading Mediterranean Collard Green Wraps

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Tofu-Really Good Breakfast Burritos

My best friend Bonnie came to town this weekend. She arrived during brunch so I suggested breakfast burritos. Bonnie doesn’t eat eggs. Hm. Tofu scramble burritos? Perfect. I decided on chipotle, tofu, black bean burritos. THEY WERE SO GOOD. I couldn’t believe how tasty they were! Even meat eaters won’t turn their noses up at… Continue reading Tofu-Really Good Breakfast Burritos