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Breggfast and Dinnegg


GOSH, IT’S BEEN A WHILE! I’m so sorry for the delay but I went on my honeymoon, recorded my comedy album and had a lot of other things on my plate. LITERALLY AND FIGURATIVELY. I’ve been eating up a storm lately. I’ve been eating out a lot (it’s just so easy and it’s been so nice out so all I want to do is sit on patios) and I finally realized it was time to get back to cooking so I have something to blog about! I was thinking about doing a  “what I ate on my honeymoon in florida” recap, but I’m sick of talking about other people’s food. I wanna talk about my own!

So as you know from my last few blogs, I’ve been eating predominantly vegetarian. Since I started this a few months ago I’ve only had beef and pork twice and chicken a handful of times. I’m eating more fish than usual because A) I love it and B) it’s good for you. I’ve been making sure the fish I eat is sustainably caught. Yes it costs a bit more, but do it for the oceans. When you’re saving all that money not buying beef you have an extra few bucks laying around for good fish!


You know what doesn’t cost a lot? Eggs. Even if you’re buying the free-range, cage free, organic ones (which can be 6-8 bucks a dozen) it’s still cheaper than most complete proteins out there. I have 2 gorgeous recipes that will knock your socks off. Let’s start with my breakfast this morning. I woke up at 6am and couldn’t get back to bed. While scrolling through Twitter I saw that Bon Appetit posted a little video on how to make a souffléd omelette. I have never tried this before but once I watch the minute long vid I couldn’t get it out of my head. I needed this omelette and I needed it now! Check it out:

Doesn’t that look amazing?? I followed the instructions and then added my own twist. Instead of cheddar I used feta and I sautéed asparagus, mushrooms and tomatoes for the topping. Don’t get me wrong, a classic cheddar omelette with chives sounds AMAZING but I have all this veg in my fridge that needs to be used. Yes this takes longer than just beating a few eggs and plopping them in a pan, BUT once it’s done you’ll feel like a fancy ass chef. Also, whisking the egg whites is a great arm workout so you won’t need to go to the gym the day you make this. It was hands down, the best omelette I’ve ever made. SO fluffy on the inside and the golden brown exterior gives it a wonderful texture. It feels far more decadent than just plain scrambled eggs. Make this for breakfast, lunch or dinner if you want to feel like a Queen! or King!


Now for my dinner a few nights ago. I’ve been watching Anthony Bourdain’s “Mind of a Chef” and the whole first season is hosted by chef David Chang (Momofuku) who is so freaking cool. In one episode he makes this miso corn dish with a poached egg that looked INCREDIBLE. I had to have it. He had just finished talking about how miso produced in North America is garbage compared to the real deal, but the tub I had in my fridge would have to suffice. His recipe also called for very smokey bacon, but since I’m staying away from red meat, I omitted it. Here is my version of David Chang’s dish:

Julia’s Chang Style Miso Corn


2 cups frozen corn (he used fresh, duh)
1.5 tbsp yellow miso (he used white)
big nub of butter
few dashes liquid smoke (instead of bacon)
green onion (I don’t think he uses that at all…)
1/4 cup (ish) chicken or veg stock
poached egg (his are made in a special poaching tank..)


Start boiling water for your egg. Here is how to perfectly poach an egg:

Rinse your frozen corn under water until thawed. Sauté over medium heat with onion then add butter, miso and liquid smoke. Once those are melted, add stock and let simmer until some of the broth has evaporated.

When the egg is done, plate your corn and place a beautifully poached egg on top. Dig in and enjoy! Wow, I gotta say that this was very tasty. The sweet corn with the salty miso and rich egg made for an incredible flavour and texture combination. In case you’re nervous about poaching eggs, know that I failed pretty miserably. I followed the directions to a T (I think) and my poached eggs looked like a bunch of sunscreen swirling around a pot of water. I think it’s because I didn’t gently plop the eggs into the water so they went everywhere. I was still able to salvage them, but had less egg white than one would hope for. Luckily, the yolk was perfect and that’s what matters most! I served it with a simple kale salad to make it a complete meal.


Considering this my bootleg version of this dish tasted pretty damn good, I can’t imagine what David Chang’s version would taste like!

That’s it for today friends. Next week I’ll blog about something other than eggs, I swear! In the meantime, go get yourself a nice carton of eggs and make one of these elegant recipes!





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