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Gluten Free Pizza

Today I got REAL crazy and made pizza from scratch. I’ve made many o’ pizza on this blog but this time I made it with a buckwheat crust whaaaaaat! That means it’s gluten free y’all! Check this recipe:

This is the one I usually use but instead of bread flour I used buckwheat! I also let it sit for a couple of hours which didn’t really do anything. It didn’t rise like a normal dough would. You will have more trouble rolling out the buckwheat dough but don’t let this stop you!

Once it was on the pizza baking sheet I kept rolling it to get it suuuuuper thin and then baked it at 500 for 4 minutes, sans toppings. Then I layered it with pizza sauce (store bought, so sue me, ok!?), mozzarella, kalamata olives, spicy salami, fresh basil and sundried tomatoes and baked it for another 8 minutes, also at 500. This is the best goddamn pizza I’ve ever made. Those toppings were the PERFECT combination and I was very impressed with how the crust turned out.  I’m getting closer and closer to perfecting the perfect pizza crust. I still have a long way to go because I know this isn’t the best pizza dough recipe out there!

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